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This page provides some starting points for exploration, with an emphasis on computers. If you have suggestions for additions to this list, please send mail to mikep@rubberchickencult.ca.

On this page: [General] [Security] [Spam] [Networking] [Nameservice (DNS / 'named')] [Time Service (NTP / 'xntpd')] [IPv6] [WWW Info] [Unix Info] [Sun Info] [SGI Info] [HP Info] [Windows 9x/2000/XP Info] [MSDOS Info] [USENET News Info] [UPS Info] [Network and Systems Management Info] [Database Info]




The following measures have been taken to reduce (eliminate if possible) the use of systems I manage from receiving e-mail spam. I have filters at the initial SMTP connection, and the "MAIL FROM:"/"RCPT TO:" addresses are checked for validity.

Other useful anti-spam links:


Nameservice (DNS / 'named')

Time Service (NTP / 'xntpd')


WWW Info

Notes on WWW search engines, courtesy of e-mail/spam from The Did-it Team, supposedly about inside information revealed in "Did-it's Search Engine Secrets:"

Alta Vista - References first 30 words on page for description unless you use META TAGS. Alta Vista determines the priority of matches by indexing the words closest to the beginning of the front page.

Infoseek Indexes the first 200 characters of your site after the HTML <BODY> tag unless you use META TAGS in the creation of your site. Your description can include up to 200 characters of text.

The Lycos engine compares each page to your query and gives higher scores to pages that contain the words as you typed them into your Web Site. It also looks for pages that mention these words early on, rather than far down.

Yahoo searches for words in URL, title & description (<25 words) YOU ENTERED when submitting URL!

Webcrawler - Webcrawler computes its confidence rating by considering how many times the terms in your search occur in that document. The more frequent, the more relevant.

Unix Info

Sun Info

SGI Info

HP Info

Windows 9x/2000/XP Info


USENET News Info

UPS Info

Network and Systems Management Info

Database Info

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